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Who We Are

The Knowledge Lab will serve as a reliable national resource to improve public safety through effective crime-fighting strategies, robust constitutional policing, and stronger community relationships. The Knowledge Lab will collaborate with stakeholder organizations, researchers, and agencies to leverage and share resources and guidance already developed within these professional networks and work to create resources where they are needed.

Our History

In April 2022, the Justice Department launched the National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab ("the Knowledge Lab"), a first-of-its-kind resource hub to identify and publicly disseminate fair and effective policing practices, training, and technical assistance at no cost.

Any community may engage with the Knowledge Lab to access information and expert assistance about implementing effective, evidence-informed, and constitutionally-based law enforcement approaches that reduce crime, strengthen public trust, and support equal access to justice.

Our Work

At the core of our mission lies a dedication to serving agencies and individuals alike, bridging the gap between knowledge and action. Through technical assistance, knowledge exchange, and the curation of valuable resources, our aim is clear: focus on practical solutions and meaningful contributions.

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Provide Technical Assistance

Provide technical assistance to agencies on discrete issues or challenges related to the Knowledge Lab’s core areas.

a circle diagram with three separate sections focusing on support, networking, and resource disribution

Connect Peers

Serve as a conduit between agencies or individuals who have shared areas of interest and can benefit from knowledge exchange.

Compile and Translate Resources

Compile and translate existing resources, research, case studies, and other relevant content to make it accessible and useful to practitioners and leaders in the field.

Our Guiding Principles

The Knowledge Lab strives to gather and provide a wealth of ideas and innovations to help agencies enhance their capabilities, adapt to legal changes, and uphold constitutional standards in serving their communities. It serves as a valuable resource for any community seeking information and expert guidance on implementing evidence-informed and constitutionally-based law enforcement approaches that reduce crime, build public trust, and ensure equal access to justice.

The United States Constitution is the foundation for fair and effective policing. The policies, procedures, and programs developed or shared by the Knowledge Lab support and advance the Constitution's principles, ideals, and requirements, as well as their intersection with 21st-century policing practice. It includes lessons identified from successful policing reform and improvement efforts. This includes programs and structural changes required through civil rights enforcement efforts and provides guidance on effective approaches to policing activities driven by Constitutional requirements and concerns (e.g., use of force, citizen stops, first amendment activities, etc.).

Our Partners

By fostering a collaborative environment, our leaders work in tandem with stakeholders, researchers, and agencies to ensure a comprehensive and well-rounded approach. Drawing upon the rich tapestry of their collective experiences, they strive to leverage existing resources efficiently while also creating new guidance where needed. This collaborative spirit allows The Knowledge Lab to serve as a national resource, providing valuable insights, strategies, and tools to enhance crime-fighting efforts, uphold constitutional policing standards, and strengthen the bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Meet the individuals behind The Knowledge Lab's leadership team, where passion meets purpose, experience meets innovation, and dedication meets progress in our shared journey towards a safer and more connected society.


Laura Wyckoff, Ph.D

Senior Director for Knowledge, Learning, and Translation

Advancing Law Enforcement Practices

Resources at the National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

Explore targeted areas such as evidence-based de-escalation, responses to mental illness, lawful procedures, and fostering just, fair, and impartial police practices. Elevate your agency's performance and legitimacy with our guidance and support.