The National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab offers resources, consultation, and short-term technical assistance to support law enforcement agencies in improving their practices to more fully align with the rights bestowed by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, State Constitutions, and the like.

Examples of TA areas include the training, policies, data collection, transparency procedures, accountability strategies, and associated practices that support:

  • Evidence-based de-escalation techniques and appropriate levels of use of force
  • Developing positive responses and outcomes for individuals with mental illness
  • Conducting lawful stops, searches, seizures, and arrests
  • Promoting just, fair, and impartial police practices
  • Building legitimacy of the police within marginalized communities


The Knowledge Lab can assist your agency in the following:

If your agency has a request that does not seem to fit in this list, please reach out; the Knowledge Lab may still be able to help.


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