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BJA Director Karhlton Moore welcomes you to the Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

The Knowledge Lab is a first-of-its kind resource hub to identify and disseminate evidence-based, innovative policing practices, training, and technical assistance.

With Constitutional policing as our foundation, the Lab is striving to bring evidence, excellence, and equity to Law Enforcement agencies across the country.

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Building Safer Communities through a Commitment to Evidence, Equity, and Excellence

The Knowledge Lab collects and makes available the many ideas and innovations that could help agencies seeking to improve their ability to protect and serve their communities in adherence to the requirements and ideals of the Constitution.

Join us in pursuing evidence, equity, and excellence in policing.

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Federal Intervention Dashboard

The Lab’s Federal Intervention Dashboard will be an essential tool for law enforcement leaders to learn from other departments that have undergone litigation and utilize the findings as they develop and implement evidence-based crime reduction strategies.

Resource Index

The Lab’s Resource Index will be a vital link for law enforcement leaders to use as they develop and implement crime reduction strategies that are evidence-informed and built upon a foundation of partnership with their communities.

Articles Stay Informed With Knowledge Lab

Report | 2015

Constitutional Policing as a Cornerstone of Community Policing

  • Crime and Violence Response
  • Community Trust and Partnerships
  • Mental Health and Crisis Response
  • Response to Mass Demonstrations
  • Stops, Searches, and Arrests
  • Use of Force

Article | 2013

Events with Potential to go Viral: Identification and Response 

  • Community Trust and Partnerships
  • Response to Mass Demonstrations

Report | 2017

Maintaining First Amendment Rights and Public Safety in North Minneapolis 

  • Crime and Violence Response
  • Community Trust and Partnerships
  • Response to Mass Demonstrations

Article | 2010

Organizational Culture and Leadership (4th Edition)

  • Crime and Violence Response

Empowering Law Enforcement Excellence

A Beacon of Guidance at the National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

Explore targeted areas such as evidence-based de-escalation, responses to mental illness, lawful procedures, and fostering just, fair, and impartial police practices. Elevate your agency's performance and legitimacy with our guidance and support.