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For police agencies seeking change, Justice offers a resource center

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To (Better) Serve and (Better) Protect: The National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

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A look inside a new DOJ laboratory for law enforcement

Knowledge Lab Goals

The Knowledge Lab will serve as a reliable national resource to improve public safety through effective crime-fighting strategies, robust constitutional policing, and stronger community relationships. The Knowledge Lab will collaborate with stakeholder organizations, researchers, and agencies to leverage and share resources and guidance already developed within these professional networks and work to create resources where they are needed.

Ensure police agencies, stakeholders, and communities have the resources and information necessary to implement effective public safety strategies, policies, training, and programs that: comport with the requirements and ideals of the U.S. Constitution; are supported by state-of-the-art knowledge and research evidence; improve the organizational and individual performance to meet the challenges of the 21st Century better, and strengthen public trust in the criminal justice system.

The Lab’s Resource Index will be a vital link for law enforcement leaders to use as they develop and implement crime reduction strategies that are evidence-informed and built upon a foundation of partnership with their communities.

Knowledge Lab What We Are Reading

‘Where has this training been all my life?’: How healing trauma could actually reform policing

Commissioner Michael Harrison (Baltimore Police Department) and Commissioner Michael Cox (Boston Police Department) are helping officers heal their trauma with an approach called Rewire CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). This approach allows officers exposed to trauma to become aware of their emotions and connect with how they think, feel, and act. Through this approach, officers may better regulate their emotions and have more positive interactions with the public.

Women in Police Leadership: 10 Action Items for Advancing Women and Strengthening Policing

Police agencies can implement steps to create more opportunities for women to advance in their departments. Implementing these action items, developed by the Police Executive Research Forum, will benefit women currently in law enforcement and those who aspire to have careers in policing.

Principles of the Law, Policing

Principles of the Law, Policing provides a framework for the field to create just and rational policing laws, policies, and practices, developed by The American Law Institute (ALI). The project has been informed by a variety of sources, including existing policies and practices in agencies, research, and constitutional norms.