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For police agencies seeking change, Justice offers a resource center

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To (Better) Serve and (Better) Protect: The National Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab

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A look inside a new DOJ laboratory for law enforcement

Knowledge Lab Goals

The Knowledge Lab will serve as a reliable national resource to improve public safety through effective crime-fighting strategies, robust constitutional policing, and stronger community relationships. The Knowledge Lab will collaborate with stakeholder organizations, researchers, and agencies to leverage and share resources and guidance already developed within these professional networks and work to create resources where they are needed.

The Knowledge Lab will convene stakeholder and expert groups in the spring of 2022 to identify the specific issues and resources needed to support the increased working knowledge and use of constitutional policing practices at the state, local, and tribal levels. These discussions and listening sessions will examine training and technical assistance needs, offer guidance on policy and strategic planning, analytical, and research capabilities, and provide expertise to engage and build trust within communities.

The Lab’s Resource Index will be a vital link for law enforcement leaders to use as they develop and implement crime reduction strategies that are evidence-informed and built upon a foundation of partnership with their communities.

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