Welcome to the Knowledge Lab's Second Convening

To mark the first anniversary of the Law Enforcement Knowledge Lab. This two-day convening will highlight the progress of the Knowledge Lab over the past year and outline future deliverables The substantive focus of this event will be crisis response and constitutional policing. The Bureau of Justice Assistance-recognized Law Enforcement-Mental Health Learning Sites Program will be featured through the attendance and presentation of ideas from the 15 sites in the program. 

Speakers & Moderators

Ethan Aaronson
Art Acevedo
Gerard Bartlett
Rebecca Boatright
Jim Burch
Ernest Cato, III
Blake Christenson
Maria Fryer
Andy Harvey
Maris Herold
Allen Herring
Megan Hitchman
Paul Humphrey
Gabrielle Isaza
Nola Joyce
David Lazar
Kevin Lutz
Moki Macias
Catherine McNamee
Karhlton Moore
Paul Noel
Paul Pazen
Megan Quattlebaum
Chris Richardson
Regan Rush
Tiffany Russell
Carleigh Sailon
Linda Seabrook
Brian Shapiro
Aqeela Sherrills
Cornelia Sigworth
Sean Smoot
Ernest Stevens
Ron Thomas
Thomas Wilson
Justin Witt
Laura Wyckoff