Yonkers Police Department (New York)


In August 2007, the Division opened an investigation into the Yonkers Police Department (YPD) in New York. In June 2009, the Division addressed the need for reform of YPD’s use of force policies, reporting uses of force, investigations of uses of force, handling of civilian complaints, officer supervision and discipline, creation of an early warning system, improved training, and expanded community engagement. In November 2016, the United States and the City of Yonkers entered into a memorandum of agreement, which remains in effect.


Fast Facts

Case Status: Ongoing
City and State: Yonkers, New York
Year Initiated: 2007
Year Closed: Ongoing

Case Documents

Document Title PDF Link HTML Link Document Type Document Size
Yonkers Police Department Settlement Agreement 2016 PDF Settlement Agreement 1.21 MB
Yonkers Police Department Technical Assistance Letter 2009 PDF Technical Assistance Letter 352.63 KB