Ferguson Police Department (Missouri)


In September 2014, the Division opened an investigation into the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) and the municipal court in Ferguson, Missouri. In March 2015, the Division identified a pattern or practice of unlawful stops and arrests, including violations of the First Amendment right to observe and record police activity; excessive force; and discriminatory policing. The Division further determined that FPD and the municipal court focused on revenue generation at the expense of public safety and constitutional law enforcement. In March 2016, the parties entered into a court-enforced consent decree, which remains in effect.


Fast Facts

Case Status: Ongoing
City and State: Ferguson, Missouri
Year Initiated: 2014
Year Closed: Ongoing

Case Documents

Document Title PDF Link HTML Link Document Type Document Size
Fergerson Police Department Findings Letter.2015 PDF Findings Letter 863.03 KB
Fergerson Police Department Consent Decree 2016 PDF Consent Decree 1.62 MB
Fergerson Police Department Complaint 2016 PDF Complaint 452.77 KB
Fergerson Police Department Investigative Report 2015 PDF Investigative Report 1.32 MB
Fergerson Police Department Investigative Report (M Brown) 2015 PDF Investigative Report 940.18 KB