Easton Police Department (Pennsylvania)


In October 2005, the Division opened an investigation into the Easton Police Department in Pennsylvania, focusing on use of force, including less-lethal weapons, vehicle pursuits, and canines. August 2010, the Division and EPD entered into a memorandum of agreement, which terminated in July 2015.


Fast Facts

Case Status: Closed
City and State: Easton, Pennsylvania
Year Initiated: 2005
Year Closed: 2015

Case Documents

Document Title PDF Link HTML Link Document Type Document Size
Easton Police Department Technical Assistance Letter 2007 PDF Technical Assistance Letter 363.71 KB
Easton Police Department Technical Assistance Letter 2010 PDF Technical Assistance Letter 649.34 KB
Easton Police Department Findings Letter 2006 PDF Findings Letter 449.33 KB
Easton Police Department Settlement Agreement 2010 PDF Settlement Agreement 800.28 KB