Cincinnati Police Department (Ohio)


In May 2001, the Division opened an investigation into the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) in Ohio. In October 2001, the Division identified the need for improvements in use of force policies, reporting and review; accountability systems, officer discipline, data collection, and transparency; and training. Negotiations were integrated with ongoing negotiations regarding a lawsuit brought by private plaintiffs. In April 2002, the Division entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the City of Cincinnati. The Division’s MOA was incorporated into a consent decree settling the private lawsuit, which together became known as the “Collaborative Agreement.” The Collaborative Agreement provided for a single monitoring team to oversee implementation of the reforms in both the Department’s MOA and the broader Collaborative Agreement. The Division’s MOA was terminated in April 2007 and the broader Collaborative Agreement was terminated in August 2008.


Fast Facts

Case Status: Closed
City and State: Cincinnati, Ohio
Year Initiated: 2001
Year Closed: 2007

Case Documents

Document Title PDF Link HTML Link Document Type Document Size
Cincinnati Police Department Findings Letter 2001 PDF Findings Letter 117.27 KB
Cincinnati Police Department Settlement Agreement 2002 PDF Settlement Agreement 232.98 KB
Cincinnati Police Department Amendment to MOA 2006 PDF Amendment 28.53 KB