Springfield Police Department (Massachusetts)


Currently no summary available for this intervention.

Fast Facts

Case Status: Ongoing
City and State: Springfield, Massachusetts
Year Initiated: 2018
Year Closed: Ongoing

Case Documents

Document Title PDF Link
Investigation Report 2020 PDF
Cover Letter 2020 PDF
Complaint 2022 PDF
Consent Decree 2022 PDF
Request for Compliance Evaluator Qualifications 2022 PDF
Parties' Joint Notice of Compliance Evaluator Deadline and First-Year Deadlines 2022 PDF
Parties' Joint Notice of Compliance-Appendix A 2022 PDF
Andrew Lah and Perry Tarrant 2022 PDF
Gomez Oversight Group 2022 PDF
O'Toole Associates, LLC 2022 PDF
Transparency Matters, LLC 2022 PDF